Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Likes

Today as I was cooking, I had a local news show on the tv and I heard them reading a list of some 1 year olds' birthdays. You've probably seen something like it, right? The show a cute picture of the baby and say what he/she enjoys.
Hello...they're one year old.
Here's my version (if I had a one year old I'd send this in).

Happy first birthday to Tommy Blahblah of Hudson Wisconsin!
Tommy enjoys drooling, sucking on his pacifier and screaming until midnight. He also is up at 5am and loves to torment his parents by crapping all over the brand new carpet.
Happy birthday Tommy!


Mona said...

Thats very cute kristi, and its certainly true.

cmk said...

This post definitely needs a 'like' button! :D