Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Myrtle Beach

Yes, you too can experience the warmth of the tropics and a lovely beach. A 24 hour driving stint is all it takes. (Joeywhite, you would be proud of the time I logged behind the wheel.)


Joey said...

It looks beautiful! Now, the important question: did you drive straight through? ;)

Kandi said...

Um, Joey, we were brought up not to do anything except drive straight through. Motel visits were a luxury we only dreamed about during our family trips.

Looks like fun, KJ! I want a fridger magnet!

kristi noser said...

Yes we did. 24 hours of which I drove 16 with one hour of sleep. HA CHAA!

erin said...

Kandi, LOL!
Kristi, I woke up thinking about you today. I hope you're having a great time.