Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hookin' Up

Around our house are all kinds of hooks. Coat hooks by every door, hat hooks, you get the picture. When Poppers put the wood on the wall in the great room, he took his coat/flannel shirt hook down. Now, I'm not the kind of person who likes to see a flannel shirt or coat or hat by every door. Good grief, go to the front door and hang it up.
Today Pops came in from cutting wood outside carrying his flannel shirt, jacket, hat and gloves and went behind the great room door. No hook. "I really need to put a hook up there for my stuff," he said.
I stood my ground.
"No. No more hooks, there are enough hooks in this house."
He looked at Hannah and I sitting at the kitchen table, dropped his shirt, jacket, hat and gloves on the floor and walked in to the kitchen.
Still makes me laugh.


Maria said...

I love my hooks. I have one shaped like a duck's beak in the kitchen and another shaped like a pig's snout in the bathroom.

kelli said...

Ah, now you know. If it weren't for the hooks, you'd have piles (and you KNOW the kind I mean).

erin said...

I think Kelli's right. I guess I'd let him put up a hook.
Either that, or put a garbage can where he drops his stuff. : )

kristi noser said...

OOH! Erin, good idea!