Monday, April 23, 2007

Giggin' Der Piggin"

I thought I'd blogged on this already, but I searched for "pig" and only found old blogs. Well wait no more, pork-eaters! The (?) Annual Noser Pig Roast is scheduled for June 16. Billiam, I fully expect you to clear your schedule and get that Vulcan on the road. Bring Wiz with you.
Festivities start at noon, and go until dark, when we will fold our full guts into our cars for the two-mike trek to the saloon to hear one of our favorite bands. Mayhap a brew or two will be tipped...ya just never know. Dancing will be on the menu for sure.

AND for those of you who need a reason to eat a lot and have great fellashyip with others, we have more than one. This year is also (yes, a two-fer) Hannah's graduation party. Hannah--ironically a vegetarian--will be celebrated full tilt.
So come one, come all to "The Pig Gig"!


Carla said...

I'm already there!!

kelli said...

I'm Diggin' da Giggin der Piggin.

Say that three times fast. :)

Billiam said...

I wish I could clear it. That weekend I'm out of town in another direction. I'll make it over there this summer, though. The Vulcan's running fine, and Wiz is getting his trike looked at.

kristi noser said...

Karli, I'm working on your surprise....heehee

kristi noser said...

Billiam, I am so sorry you will not be there. I'll drink a beer for you. And one for Wiz. Anyone else you know who can't come?

Billiam said...

I could think of at least 12 more! :-)