Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Confront Away!

Erin's post reminded me about a few things. Confronting. This is something that as I get older, have less and less problem doing. I'll tell women in the bathroom to wash their hands, and stuff like that. One time I was in a parking lot and the lady parked by me just pushed her cart to the front of her car instead of putting it in the "corral". I looked at her with disbelief and told her the cart corral was RIGHT THERE! It was on the other side of the car parked next to her for crying out loud. She shrugged at me and got in her car. I went and got her cart, and mine and took my sweet time going behind her car to put the carts away. Good grief, how lazy.
In the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, my favorite part of the show is the part where Kathy Bates' character slams her car into the car that took her parking place. Don'tcha feel like doing that sometimes?


Reegz said...

I thought you were gonna say you put both carts behind her as she was going to be backing out and walked away. THAT would've been funny!

Carla said...

I am older, I have more insurance.
I tell my chillers all the time to look for the stray carts and put them away. I also put the cart away as the person watches me who shoulda dunnit!! I must admit I am not much of a confronter...yet.

Bonefish Al said...

I put the cart right behind their cars when I see that so they can't back out...pisses them off...even been yelled at, but I kinda smile and say "Better your car than mine"

People are becomming numb to what is right...and what is wrong (mostly because so many people tell them what to do every day).

By default they opt for lazyness...These are the same people that would rather feed their kids McDonald's 7 days a week than make them meal.

So show them you love them...put a cart in their way to make'em work, and do the right thing! Woot!

kristi noser said...

Is it any wonder why I love you so?