Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dang, That Boy Can Play

We went to Balsam Lake last night to hear a band my sister Kori's friends were going to see. I know, Balsam Lake--truly in the jingweeds as Jeffrey would say. Nice place though, new, beautiful, if I could remember the name all would be good. Nevertheless, the band we heard is fronted by a 20 year old from New Richmond. Pete Neuman and the Real Deal--Oh My Stars. Take a listen--"Shut Up And Play" is my favorite, feels like Johnny Cash. He will be in the area in the near future, maybe we should get a group together.....gotta go to church now.


Kelli said...

Paradise Lodge. Truly sweet place and great music.

erin said...

I was gonna say--Paradise Lodge. My grandma INSISTED that it was going to have topless waitresses. So far no such luck. Glad you had fun! : )
p.s. You were like, a MILE away from the farm. You shoulda stopped by. "Ohmystars" you would have created such an uproar.

idnak said...

I think "Log Jam" is my fave on this list - sounds VERY much like SRV - and that's a good thing.