Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Zero Blurt Control

I walked into a vitamin store today, and the lone employee met me near the door.  I was watching the ground so as not to trip on a doorjamb, and when I looked up I looked into the most icy blue eyes I have seen in a long time.
And I blurted.
"Holy cow, you have pretty eyes."
I was embarrassed at my lack of blurt control, but he was surprised and smiled.
Gonna have to try harder to control the blurts in the future, but at least I got a smile--and he'll have a story to tell, instead of another boring day at the vitamin store.


Kelli said...

Wow. Good thing he didn't have a booger.

Lauren said...

Definitely could have been worse...
"wow you're the ugliest person I've seen in a long time."
"ha! Are you twelve?!"
"hook hand?! Are you a pirate?!"

See? All worse things.