Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red Solo Cup

Yesterday I went to Wallyworld to get the plates napkins and cups for an upcoming event.  Because I didn't want the "Red Solo Cup" song running in my head all week, I bought the blue ones.  The checkout lady said she sees more blue ones come through the line now than ever.  
I wonder how soon the lawyers will be setting up the suit.  Look out Toby.


erin said...

Ha! That's good.

Lauren said...

So... Before the song came out most of the world didn't know that the party cup of choice was the red Solo ones? And now it upsets them to be associated with key parties? They don't want the checkout lady to think they're throwing a kegger?? Or did they just not want the song in their head either?

Too funny. :)

Lauren said...

Haha "key party!" I meant "keg party." my smartphone is dirtier than I am. LOL