Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have lamented here on how my husband never throws anything away. Sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes not, but we tussle over things often. One of them is the TIME magazine.
Here's how it works:
It comes in the mail, I read one page of things people have said over the last week, John looks at it, it sits on the kitchen table for a week, I throw it away.
Not too bad, right?
Last week, Pops asked me where the ... TIME was (I forget what the cover was).
I told him I threw it away.
He told me if I would just leave it on the table he would take it to the basement "sitting" bathroom.
I said I did--I left it for a week.
He was still upset.
I went to the basement today to do some laundry and thought I'd take a look at his "collection". Now I clean the basement bathroom on a regular basis, and saw the pile of magazines, but it never registered, I guess.
Oh my stars.
Two years of TIME magazines down there.
I guess I have more throwing to do.

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erin said...

Oh, my. I feel the same way about electrical cords.
Also, I like that your title has many deep meanings.