Sunday, September 26, 2010

All Wound Up

I'm sitting in the church office listening to the guest pastor preach a sermon. He is talking about the first wristwatch he was given as a child.
Which reminded me of something.
I got a wind-up wristwatch when I was 9 years old. I wound it so much I broke it.
When I worked at the hospital I wore a watch, until I realized I would look at it every 5 seconds, but if someone asked me what time it was, I couldn't have told them.
No more watches for me.


Kelli said...

Give me a good wall/phone/car/computer clock any day...unless, like in my house, they all tell a different time.

Kandi said...

My favorite watch was the Teeter-Totter watch. Remember that one? I had a huge plastic bubble on my wrist, with a little boy and girl on a teeter-totter at the bottom (which flipped and flopped for the second hand feature). Talk about distracting.
Oh, and Kelli - I'm right there with you. Takes us fifteen minutes to reset for spring ahead and/or fall back.

kristi noser said...

LOVED the teeter-totter watch. wonder if you could find one of those bad boys on ebay.

erin said...

Wanna know something weird? I can't wear leather wrist bands. They completely disintegrate after a couple of months.
I'm toxic.

c said...

I haven't worn a watch in years but if I did I think I would wear a bubble watch.

Carla said...

c is me