Thursday, June 24, 2010


Remember when I posted about the bird John bought? How much the thing made us all (except John) crazy?
Tonight we were at Kelli's and Eddie just would not leave their poor parakeet alone. Then the bird flew out of the cage and the dog really went nuts.
"Be careful," I said, "he ate that bird we had, remember?"
As they tried to get the bird back in the cage, I tried to remember our bird's name. I was drawing a blank so I asked Eli, "Hey, Bug, what was that bird's name anyway?"
"You mean Chirp McPissmeoff?"
Oh my goodness I almost fell off my chair. Now I don't really like my children to talk like that, but dang, that was funny.


erin said...

Eli McMepeemyself.

Keithslady said...

In kristinoser language--oh my stars! I read this on our way home from watching fireworks tonight. Laughed till I cried. Tried to read it to my husband and 3 teens and couldn't get the words out. They were laughing watching me laugh. I finally got the story told and they joined me in the frivolity, thought Keith was gonna go off the road. Thanks for giving my abs a workout.

kristi noser said...

Cindy, I'm glad this made you laugh. With language such as this, you were one of the people I was worried about offending. You're welcome for the workout, tell Keith and the fam I'm glad to have given them a laugh as well.

Keithslady said...

Somehow, I give off an aura of proper-ness--I was once asked by a friend if her eating habits offended me because she didn't use her knife and fork like the English!

You may be a little "raw", but you are honest and real! That's refreshing!! I'll take that over genteel but hypocritcal any day. We are what we are and will NEVER please everyone.

Besides, we used to have a bird...