Monday, April 27, 2009


You maybe thought by that title that I was going to start exercising.
You would be mistaken.
But I digress.

Today I was out of hair conditioner, so I went to the basement to get another bottle. We were out of my regular stuff down in the basement, so I took a different kind off the shelf and up to the shower I went.
The unbelievable STENCH of this conditioner was something I never want to smell again. It was like somebody slapped me upside the head with a gallon of bad aftershave.
I quickly washed my hair again and went without the conditioner, although I couldn't pull the brush through my hair and had to resort to jojoba oil.
If you smell and/or see me and my greaseball head today, be gentle.


Kara Jo said...

Hahahaha! Oh man, jojoba oil, Kristi?! I get the scent matters thing, though. I halfway choose what I buy based just on the smell.

kristi noser said...

Wanna know the worst? My hair was so bad I washed it with Dawn dish soap and used the hose in the janitor closet at work.
Now that's desperation right there.

Anonymous said...

wow...that is funny! how did the dawn treat ya?? my hair would be a frizz ball :)

so i posted a blog at women of truth...about fb, but i DO mention you in it, so if you can stand my soapbox, it may be worth a read ;).

seriously, you are such a light and so full of love! i love reading your blog, and always look forward to anything you have to say to me. may the Lord bless you richly for all the ways you have touched my heart!

Carla said...

I wasn't going to say anything about your hair......

erin said...

Are you kidding about the hose???