Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm So Doing This

Glass-blown ornaments make unique gift and experience
Margaret Ontl Hudson Star-Observer
Published Friday, November 21, 2008

For Hudson native Patrick Casanova, creating glass-blown fine art and crafts has been a hobby and profession for years.
The craft “is very addictive,” said Casanova, who moved his glass studio in 1999 from his garage to its current location, the old Dave Holt dealership building at 308 Second St.
“I do a lot of work with interior designers creating specialty lighting for their customers,” said Casanova, whose primary retail outlet remains the gallery Seasons on St. Croix at 401 Second St. The two shared the 308-310 building until August when Seasons moved to its new location.
Casanova Glass and Seasons on St. Croix are offering a unique holiday experience — make your own ornament. Photo by Margaret Ontl
This holiday season, Casanova is again teaming up with Seasons to offer customers a chance to create their own glass-blown ornament and learn something about the craft along the way.
The slots for blowing glass ornaments are scheduled approximately every 15 minutes, with assistance from Casanova.
The completed balls are packaged with an enclosure card and ready for pickup 48 hours after blowing. Cost is $36 per ornament.
From now until mid-January, slots are available Thursday evenings, Friday and Saturdays except Dec. 6 and 7; reservations are required. For an appointment, call Seasons on St. Croix at (715) 381-2906.
Check-in and payment are handled at Seasons the day of the appointment, with blowing being done at the Casanova Glass Studio located at 308 Second St., across the street from Seasons.

I made my appointment for Nov 29--call them and come play with me!


Anonymous said...

I am assuming you are making the stained glass appearing on your page. Very cool. Once upon a time I had a stained glass phase too. So fun. I also took a glass blowing glass in college. Soo cool. I predict you will love it. Molten glass can be like a siren song- hard to walk away from. I would love to do it again. You will never look at anything made of glass again in the same way. Enjoy you experience! And post pictures of your creation!

Carole Weitner

Kelli said...

Another dream realized. Congratulations and I hope it's everything you hope for!

LadyD said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!
But we will be gone for Thanksgiving, or I would go with you:)
Do you think you get to have the glass hanger loop on the top of the ball? The way you like it?
I hope so!

kristi noser said...

Ah, lady D you remembered. I will get the glass hanger! The only way to go!

LadyD said...

It is so fun to have a memory that is working again:)