Monday, October 20, 2008

Dan The Man

We have a neighbor that has, I swear, the same DNA as John. On Saturday I heard something out in the back yard and there was Dan, playing with his skid-steer in the wood pile, scooping up bark and making a pile. He comes and plows our driveway in the winter, and is always willing to help, or lend, or chat.
I asked Pops to fix my brakes this weekend, I needed new pads on the front, and I asked him to check the back ones as they were making a funny noise. He found that the caliper (?) had squeezed shut and not released. Some kind of special tool was needed so he went to Dan's to see if he had something he could use.
Not only did he have the tool, and was happy to loan it to Pops, but he gave us a brand new mailbox he had gotten and never used.
It's so great to have neighbors like the ones we have.


LadyD said...

I think I need to bring my van over, when I break the back end makes a terrible grinding, squealing, thunking sound. I went through the MC'Ds drive thru the other day and the lady said, "Um, is there something wrong with your van? It just made a really bad noise when you stopped at window One."
Gotta love handy hubby's and handy neighbors:)

kristi noser said...

yep like I said brakes don't heal, and just get more and more expensive the more you wait. If you want the name of a really goooood mechanic, let me know.

heidi said...

Are you sure Dan was not giving you a subtle hint about your mailbox? Is it a bit shabby? Just wonderin...