Saturday, August 09, 2008

Irish Fair

Today we went to the Minnesota Irish Fair on Harriet Island.

That was a good time. Lots of shops, lots of Irish food, lots of people to watch. An extrovert's dream. We drank some of this:
I was impressed with this company because they donate 100% of their profit to needy children and charities like that, plus it's a pretty decent ale. I know, right?
We found our family tartan, and I was happy that is was not yellow or orange, but a nice green with a red stripe--not loud, but not ugly either. To tell the truth, some of the kilts at the fair--and there were a LOT of them--were a little scary. Some scary tartan-wise and some scary length-wise. There were tons of babies, and tons of dogs, most of them friendly, with the exception of the pitbull owned by the tattooed orange mohawk guy that came after me and barked. The dog, not the mohawk guy.
All in all an excellent day. Definitely will be there next year.


Myra said...

A McKinney family tradition?? Did you get any pictures of the tartan?

Souunds like fun!!

Kelli said...

You can see it if you type in the following (too long of an address to get in the box):

Search for Tartan Samples and look at the Galloway Hunting Modern one.

Pretty fancy...what all the stylish McKinneys will be wearing in the Fall.

erin said...

Our family tartan is orange. : (
Check out the McClain family tartan at the same website.
We could have clan wars.

Kelli said...

Oh, Erin. I'm sorry.

Kara Jo said...

I've heard the men don't wear any panties under them kilts...

kristi noser said...

Yeah, Kara, I was glad none of the men's kilts were as short as some of the women's.

LauraLynn said...

Eeks! Anybody feel a breeze in here?

You made me laugh so hard!
"The dog, not the mohawk guy!"

Kelli said...

I guess if I had to walk around in the summer with 15 lbs of wool around your waist, wearing big heavy wool socks, wouldn't want anything under either...but that's just me.

Carla said...

Not commenting on kilts/underpants.

But I am wondering if I should check out the Stream tartan. That'd be cool.