Friday, August 08, 2008

13 Going On

Here's what 13 year old boys do. Boggles the mind.
Go to the still-running dryer, take out your pants, decide they are dry enough, leave the room.
Yes, the rest of the clothes are still wet and by the time mom returns to the laundry room the next day they are really smelly and will need to be washed again.
Go to the bathroom with the door open, and when mom gets to the bathroom the seat is up and you haven't flushed. Surprisingly (not), this started after the trip to Brazil.
When mom goes to work, sleep or watch tv all day and then wonder why she is such a crank at her messy kitchen when she comes home.
Squeeze up your mom even if your friends are around, tell her you love her every day, and give her big smiles.
Yep, all worth it.

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