Thursday, July 10, 2008


My husband has passed into Fonzieland. Remember when Fonzie used to hit the jukebox and make it play?
We have an old van that stopped running about a month ago and has been sitting in our driveway since. Pops deduced that something was wrong with the fuel pump, and since that model's fuel pump is in the gas tank, a little work was necessary. "A little work" on a car means a whole lotta time and so it sat.
Yesterday I came home and John said "Hey, I fixed the car today."
"Good for you!" I said, "How did you do it?"
"With a two-by-four."
I guess he talked to our neighbor Jack, and he said that sometimes the pumps just get stuck and they need a little persuasion to start up again. Poppers got Eli out there to start the car while he whapped the gas tank with a board. Worked like a charm.
Next time you car refuses to start, give 'er a whap and see what happens.



Kelli said...


That is so so so totally JOHN! He should open his own garage. He'd be the only repair shop in town with wooden tools, by golly.

kristi noser said...

We could call it "Give 'er a whap car reapir"

Kandi said...

Can Tim be his service manager?!?

LauraLynn said...

The "Whap and Wait."
We whap it, while you wait.
Guaranteed quick service.
We'll have you outta here, in a whap.

Hi Kristi, it is Thursday :)

Kandi said...

P.S. I told Tim about this, and he said that he has used the wooden persuader a time or two...must be a guy thing.

Kelli said...

We used a wooden persuader when the kids were little...wait...that was a whole different thing.

Kelli said...


"Give 'Er A Rap Service"

Katie R. said...

John is just hilarious! I like Kelli's name for the mechaninc shop....I know a sign guy.

kristi noser said...

Pops said instead of Fonzie, he would rather be called "Fixie".

Carla said...

We affectionately call our persuader The Whacker.

LauraLynn said...

We call ours- Our mouth.