Thursday, March 29, 2007

Funeral For A Special Man

Well the trip to Iowa was totally worth the time spent. We saw some favorite rellies and attended a funeral for a man who seemingly was loved by the whole town. Joe was the high school chemistry teacher, golf and volleyball coach.
We heard stories of rockets, science experiments, and care for students that surpassed normal everyday care and crossed over into a genuine love for their well-being and success. Stories of a strong faith that "was not worn on his shirt sleeve", nevertheless love for his Lord and Savior.
The pastor's sermon was full of fun and emotion, and gospel truth. While sitting and listening, I was watching a young man two rows ahead of us in the seats. He was sobbing. I had a hard time looking at him, the emotion was so strong. The pastor told a story of a boy who was staying with Joe & Sheryl while his parents were on vacation, and experienced an appendicitis attack. He was taken to the hospital and cared for by Joe and Sheryl. At the lunch following the service, I was talking to my cousin Myra.
"See that guy in the black suit over there?" she said, pointing to the man who had been in front of us at the service.
"He's the appendix."
No wonder he was sobbing at the loss of one of his best friends.
Joe & Sheryl did not have children of their own, so they adopted the children of the town.
Please keep Sheryl and the other family members in your prayers this week.

Thank you to the Iowa rellies for a warm welcome in such a sad time, and for your love and friendship.
"The Ks"

Oh, and on a lighter note, at the lunch--oh my stars--I have never seen so many different kinds of JELL-O in my life.


Katie R. said...

I'm happy you were able to know a person like that. It makes you feel blessed even during a sad time.

Anonymous said...

Hey "K's"! It was SO great to see you again and to have you travel all that way for family. You're the best!! We love and enjoy you so much!! We're proud to call you family and especially friends. God bless you every one!!

Love, Myra

Carla said...

Imagine the seeds that were planted in so many hearts and will bear fruit!