Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dan And Madeline

Got to work today and Cindy told me that a man had called looking for me. "Who was it?" I asked. She wasn't sure of his name, only that he was from Victoria, British Columbia, and wanted to talk to me about Eli and his hip dislocation. Kind of a strange message, but she said he was going to call back, so I started work, and waited for him to call.
Dan called at about 2 o'clock and I talked to him for a half-hour. His daughter, Madeline was born with the same hip dislocation as Eli, only both hips. He said it had been the darkest time of his life, until he found and read my blog about Eli's surgeries. "When I read that, a light came into my heart." he told me. Wow. He must have searched and searched to find a number to call me. Snaps to his internet skills.
The doctors in BC had never seen a problem such as Madeline's and weren't sure where to go.
I gave him the name of Eli's doctor, where he works, and a whole store of information about our experiences with a young child with a teratoligic hip dislocation, the surgeries, and the challenge of a child in a body cast. When we were finishing up our conversation, Dan said, "give Eli a kiss for me." Let me tell you, by then I had so much adrenaline rushing through my system I was just shaking. What a great God! To have something like Eli's hip problem turn into such a blessing is AWESOME!!! All Glory to you God!
Now I, at the time of Eli's birth was wondering how we were going to get through this, what we had in store, and if I was a "why God?" kind of person (which I'm not) would have been wondering why God put us in this situation. I would have had an answer to that question today.
Please pray for my new friend Dan, his family and especially his baby Madeline, she has a lot in store for her. Pray that they find a specialist in the Seattle area, that the specialist is skilled in the hip surgery, and that God calms Dan's heart.

Dan, I hope to meet you and your wife and son (?) and Madeline some day. Know that many, many people will be praying for you and your family.


Brandy Dopkins said...

I just wanted to say that I am crying for joy. And that I had never read the post about Eli and that got me all verclempt too.

It's such an honor to see how God works, and I love being part of this family.

Kelli said...

I read this post to the boys and they were all "Wow, how cool is that!". This coming from BOYS!

I love how God pulls us out of a hole, then uses us to pull someone else out. To shine some light on another life. How cool is THAT!

PS said...

This is the GREATEST blog post I've read in weeks!

erin said...

How wonderful that God used your trials and fears to minister to another family. I'm so thankful that you trusted God with your little son 12 years ago. You are a good momma, Momma. Praise God! : )

erin said...


Carla said...

Umyeah..what everyone else said. Love you and your fam!

Billiam said...

Kristi, that's way cool. Praise God.