Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Today is the last day for the first half of the bowling season. We are tied for first place. The team tied with us is bowling in the lane next to us, with another team. We bowl and we watch them. Are they winning the first game? How close is it? Are we winning? OOH! YES! A close one. We win the first game by a few pins, the team tied with us loses. Whew! On to the second game. We win that one by a few more, they win their game too. Oh boy. Ok, girls, buck up for the third game! We rock! We win our game by more than a hundred pins,and take total pins,(7 points) the other tied team wins their game, and takes total pins (5 points). So WE WIN!! We take first place for the first half of the season!
The last game of the half is NEXT WEEK?


Sheri said...

I think Susie Snowflake must've shown up at the bowling alley today to keep the other players distracted. Way to go, Susie!!

Reegz said...

Way to go! You guys better win next week....no pressure or anything!

Kandi said...

Should we all show up and cheer? :D Way to go!!