Friday, October 27, 2006

Flaaaaaahhida Part Deux

I'm sitting here on Longboat Key at Sonny and Elaine's basking in the Florida warmth. Ahhhh. Walked a little on the beach yesterday, right outside of Cocoa Beach, Went to Ron Jon's--a "must stop" whenever in FL. Made it to Gregg & Heidi's a little after supper--after I got lost a few times. Why don't they paint the roads the same color as the ones on the map? Wouldn't that make it easier? Whatever. I would see a road and think--hey, that will get me there. But no. Got me more lost is what happened. But if you could see the car I have, well, I don't mind getting lost. When I landed in Orlando there was a sad little Dodge Charger just looking for someone to drive it--I obliged. I felt sorry for the thing, what can I say?
Gregg, Heidi, Mike Evans (he's on sabbatical for a month) and I went to a meeting for Vision Florida and we got to meet Al Weiss. Yep. Shook the hand of the man of Disney.
When we got home we played "name that tune" from Gregg's extensive itunes list, and hit the hay.
I left for Longboat Key this morning and a short 3.5 hr drive--ok, yes I missed the exit and went an extra 10 miles or so (maybe more "so" than 10) but I still made good time. I think a car that feels the same at 80 as it does at 65 is potential trouble for moi...
Tomorrow I go back to Orlando and spend more time at the Heinschhouse. I'll have more later!


Sheri said...

So fun to hear that you are in sunny FL! Keep us posted and please give Gregg and Heidi a hug for me. Tell them we're coming.....God's going to work it out. okay..if that's too hard for you...just give them the hug.

kristi noser said...


Sheri said...

Just messing with ya. You never know, though.

erin said...

I'm glad you're having fun! I miss you!