Monday, September 04, 2006

Ten More Minutes

I love visiting. Having people over to our house, assuming I am mentally ready, makes me happy. So when we are having good conversation and the guests start making bye-bye noises, I ask them to stay "just ten more minutes". This usually turns into a half-hour of chatting or cards or games.
I used to have a friend that would stay "ten minutes" and then ten more, and then ten more. I loved it! When I went to her house the scenario was the same. I can't tell you how many "ten minutes" we spent together.
So when I ask you to stay just ten minutes more, please do cuz c'mon, it's just ten minutes...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORI!! (a little late)
C'mon over for ten minutes willya?


Anonymous said...

I loved every "ten minutes" we spent together.

kristi noser said...

Thanks Mona