Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Forget

We used to tease my dad mercilessly about the fact that he had a hard time finishing a sentence because he couldn't find the word he wanted, or that he didn't remember that he had just told us that story. He would tell us, "You just wait." Well, I am happy to announce that the waiting is OVER!!!!
Yes, Ladiezzz and Gentlemen, you, YES YOU can also be the recipient of such a marvelous talent! All you have to do is pass 40!
I can't believe how many times I have not been able to finish a sentence because the mind takes a vacation. A short one, mind you, but a vacation nevertheless. I can just see my brain in Jamaica holding a drink with an umbrella in it.
I told Hannah once to put the (whatever object she was holding--I forget) in the "big white cold thing". The word refrigerator was just not there. I knew what I wanted, just couldn't say it.
I believe in all political correctness we shall call this malady BBLANK. This shall stand for Baby Boomer Loss of All Normal Knowledge. Remember, (if you can) I coined this one first.
Yes I have tried the "you should try..." things: Ginko Biloba--forgot to take it and finally threw the bottle away, Brain Exercise Puzzles--forgot where I left the book. Nothing seems to stick.
I guess I will have to live with this problem, and I am sure it will get worse as I get older, but how will I know?
Oh, and by the way, I sat down to blog and couldn't for the life of me remember what I had in mind for the subject. Had to laugh at myself when it came back to me.

This is your brain. This is your brain after 40. Get the......the.......little piece of paper with writing on it..... short communication.....?


cmk said...

Another, indelicate, way of putting it is: you had a brain fart! :)

Carla said...

There was something I was just gonna was it? Something about that thing. You know the thing that you put the stuff in. I must be 40. I forget.

erin said...

Ok, so I'm a DINK and you're a BBLANK. How much of your BBLANK-ness do you think is related to your age, and how much do you think could be related to...your past? Just a thought.

kristi noser said...

Well I do admit I fried a great many brain cells in my BC years...