Friday, January 27, 2012

But It's Ok For You

Today at the thrift store I overheard a lady talking on her phone:
"I get so sick of dealing with those Honkys, they just (effin) piss me off."

Wonder how much trouble I would have gotten in if I had said that but inserted the "N" word.
And seriously, who says honky anymore?
What is it, 1975?


Kandi said...

Just be glad Dad wasn't in line with you... ;D

Kelli said...


Anonymous said...

"ooh ooh, mamas gonna get you"
Rogers little sister on "Whats happenin" 1976

"when do the new cadilacs come in?"
Starsky-trying to impress Huggy bears friend on "Starsky and Hutch" 1975

The "rules" only apply to you and me.........Larry

erin said...

Laughoutloud! We are only allowed to call each other honkeys.