Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Ax Man

Here are some things you can see at this store-like-no-other:
The ever-hilarious rubber chicken

ancient TV camera

Oh my stars. Stainless steel thighs no less.

A whole bin of wooden NOT!

Their signs are so clever.

And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, last but not least....
an iron lung.
Gotta love it.
University Ave in St. Paul, a couple blocks west of Snelling. Go make a visit--you won't be disappointed, I promise.


Can do mom said...

I'm going to make Daniel earn a trip over to Ax Man. He's been begging to go for a while now. As a teaser I'll have to show him your blog post!

cmk said...

Looks exactly like my kind of store! I HAVE to get there some day.

kristi noser said...

CMK, from what I know of you, It'll be like Mecca.

Kandi said...

This would be to my boys what Harbor Freight is to their dad. :)

Swampy-Rah said...

We used to sing a marching cadence, about a girl in an iron lung. I guess she didn't make it, huh?

Reegz said...

I wanna go there. I looked it up and am gonna go take a field trip there!

erin said...

Is the iron lung for sale?