Friday, August 19, 2011

Peter Piper

Yesterday I got a peck of jalapenos at the farmer's market. Our pepper plants are waterlogged this year and are producing nothing. As I am cooking them up I have a thought.
"Hey, I wonder how hot these are this year?"
So I popped a slice in my mouth.
15 minutes later and I'm still sucking air.
John's gonna love them.


erin said...

Ours are SUPER hot. I burned my fingers yesterday making salsa. Yikes!
How do you prepare them, Mama?

kristi noser said...

First, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear gloves. The first year I did peppers, the webs between my fingers burned for 24 hours. Nast, as you would say.
You can get gloves cheap at Menards in the paint section.
I slice the peppers, seeds and all and cook them down in olive oil and garlic powder--add a little salt. Don't use garlic salt--another mistake I made. Jar them in half-pint jars. I can give you a jar if you want to try them before you make them like this. If you like hot stuff, this is the way to go.