Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Troubles And Blessings

I know it's been a while. This will be the official catch-up blog.
Our basement flooded whateverdayitwasmybrainismush and we had to rip out all of the carpet from the whole basement. I really had to put the "I hate to get my hands dirty" rule in my back pocket for a while and suck it up. Literally. We filled up the 10 gallon shop-vac 6 times. You do the math, I'm too tired.
But it was really a blessing because we have been intending to get rid of that carpet for a while now, and what was good about it? No dust. Yep, blessings in disguise. Even better was that our new neighborfriend was re-siding his house, and dropped all of the cedar siding off for a bonfire and we got to burn all that nasty carpet in one swoop.

This week is VBS week at our church and I have been putting in extra time getting ready for it. At the present count, we have over 400 children gracing the halls of our church from 9 to noon. 100 more than we were planning on, so I am taking daily trips to the store to get the extra stuff needed. Not to mention the HUGE trip we took to Sam's to start the week.
The blessing here is that I have a credit card I use exclusively for church purchases, and the rule at church is if you have a card you use for church, you get to keep the bonus points. Two words: Christmas fund.

Today I was taking a shower and no matter how far I turned up the dial, all I got was tepid water. Now that was ok last week when it was in the 100's, but not sa much this morning. Which can only mean one thing: A new water heater is on the horizon. I told John when he came home from work this morning, and he said, "Can you stand it one more day? I really can't fix that today if I have to work tonight." Little does he know (Mr. turn the water up all the way hot) it's gonna bother him way more than it bothers me.
This blessing has yet to be determined, but I will let you know.
Now you're all caught up, I'm gonna go take a nap.


erin said...

"Not sa much." TISF.
I missed you!

Lauren said...

I'm back too, mama!