Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fish Hit

Say that three times fast willya?

Today I had a bright idea. Like a lot of my bright ideas, physics does not (in my mind) come into play. This makes for a few "uh oh" moments.
Today was no exception.

A few days ago I found a dead fish on the deck. He had flopped out of the makeshift "pond" (ie: blue plastic barrel) John made for the neighbor boy to fish in, as the real pond was full of tadpoles.
I chucked the fish into the tadpole pond, thinking the turtle in there might want a snack.
When I came home that afternoon I could not see the dead fish for the FEEDING FRENZY of tadpoles surrounding it.
Thing discovered: Tadpoles will eat a dead fish to the bones.
Yesterday as I was cleaning out the freezer I found a Ziploc bag of "bait" fish John had thrown in there and forgotten.
I took a couple and chucked them into the pond.
Today when I came home from work, the taddies had hardly touched the fish, but not for a lack of trying.
Here comes my bright idea--sans physics.
I thought, "If I hit that dead fish with a rock, it will squish and then the tadpoles can get to the good stuff without having to fight all those scales."
Know what happens when you hit a dead fish with a rock?
Splatter City. All over my shirt and pants with "fish hit".
I had to laugh at my stench-covered self, as I hurried into the house to get to the laundry room as soon as possible.
Sure glad Eli wasn't home, I'd never live that one down.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem, the second one embarks on one's great sans-physics (or, in my case, common sense) idea, somethng in your brain screams "NO!' but it is a split second too late? Pretty much story of my life....

I am assuming you have seen the video of the town who had a large problem, and thought of a similar solution as your, with similalr, but much grander results... carole