Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Kelli was sick today so I got to run papers with Taylor. He brought his ipod, and we listened to everything from Slipknot (not a fan) to Josh Groban to Stevie Wonder to Shania Twain and everything in between. The boy truly has eclectic music tastes. Interesting to have him say, "Aunt Kristi you have to hear this song." then he played something I used to listen to in high school.
Heard some really good tunes, and some I could have done without, but it was not dull, that's for sure.
So here's the line for today:
"Hey, I just flew in from papers with Taylor and boy, are my ears tired."


Kelli said...

He asked me if you were coming over last night and said that he could only go so long without his Aunt Kristi. So thankful that you have such a great relationship with my big boy.

Oh, and my ears feel your pain. :)

erin said...