Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Shooz

We at the Noserhouse have bypassed the "go shoe shopping at the store" phase. For a year I have had to order Eli's shoes online, as very few stores stock size 14.
I had to sigh at this however:
"Hey Mom, when you get my shoes for school this year, can you get size 15? These are getting a little small."
Oh. My. Stars.


Joey said...

This year is the first time I've ever resorted to buying shoes online. I still try to find them locally (well, Jamie does), but they're really, really tough to come by. (I'm a 14.) Schuler has some and I know Skechers used to.

Carla said...

Do his feet grow in combination with his age?

Reegz said...

Nordstrom Rack in MOA has up to size 22! I'm not even jokin! check it out!!!! If he outgrows those well thats just redic!!!!!

erin said...

Shaq, this is my friend, Eli.
Eli, this is Shaq.
Talk amongst yourselves.

Kandi said...

During my first year in college, I watched Will Perdue schlep up and down the basketball court with his size 21AAAAA canoes. I heard that the school had to special order his shoes - to the tune of $350/pair - and that was in 1986. Uff da.