Sunday, December 07, 2008

Up In The Night

I have been sleeping well lately and haven't had many middle-of-the-night-blogs, but I know how you all miss them so I set the alarm.
No, Laura, not really.
I was awakened this morning (middle of the night) by the effluvium of my love's nether regions being shoved up my nose via CPAP. Not a pleasant experience, believe me--hey it was enough to wake me from a dead sleep! Nasty way to wake up.
Effluvium? Go look it up--I had to.
I'm looking at blogs, found a lady from Austrailia that reads Erin's blog, and while I was changing the question on my profile, took a look at my followers. Wonderful thing, followers. Who knew, right?
Who did I find following me? Sarah, my niece. Hi Sarah!
A little background.
When Pops and I were pining for a baby of our own--Papa let us wait 8 years until we got our poop in a group--Sarah was a lovely stand-in. She was about 14 months old one summer we visited the rellies in Ohio. I held her every chance I could get, and let her go only when it was time for her to eat. I sadly did not have that capacity, not that I would nurse someone else's baby, eew.
Now she has a little one of her own! I can't believe how old I am--I mean how fast time goes, yeah that's what I meant.
Welcome to blogland Sarah!


LadyD said...

Am I known as being gullible? Stupid? or blonde? News to me:)

kristi noser said...

d. none of the above. Just joshin ya

LadyD said...

I know.
You made me laugh....
Glad to be famous and on your blog for a day:)

erin said...

:) Congratulations, Sarah!
Also, tell me about this lady from Australia?

Carla said...

All readers should be commenters. That is my new rule.

Keithslady said...

OK, I looked up effluvium--eew (those are my daughter's initials by the way, soon to be eek). The disturbing part of the wake up story was the "nether regions". I also looked that up. Straight out of it says

"the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment".

Now, that's REALLY something that would wake you up!

kristi noser said...

ok not THOSE nether regions...

Madison'sMom said...

Hi Aunt Kristi. Beth has talked Susie, Jen(Dave's Wife), and myself into joining the blogger world. Its a fun way to keep in touch. I really miss seeing you guys let me know when you are heading to ohio next time.