Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Mufflers don't heal
Neither do brakes
Killing an hour at church still feels like I should be working
Looking forward to the Matthew West concert--OH there's a story--see if I let the ol' mind wander long enough one always comes around.

Matthew West is a contemporary Christian singer, relatively new to the scene. Tonight he is going to perform for a benefit in Amery. The benefit is in honor of a lady's son who died in a car accident, she is forming a foundation to alert teens to the dangers of driving. The concert was initially canceled due to lack of ticket sales, but a day after the POWERS THAT BE canceled the concert, Matthew called the lady that is hosting the benefit and said he would do the concert anyway, for a free-will offering. She sat at her desk and cried for joy.
Matthew, you are a true Christian man. Thank you.


Katie R. said...

How cool is that? I hope it went well and moola was raised.

Carla said...

The dangers of drinking and driving. Just to clarify. :)

I heart Matthew West.
I heart Amery, WI.