Saturday, September 13, 2008


An added bonus to taking the Stream's children...BLOGFODDER!

After Eli refered to Nathan and Tim as "littles" Nathan said, "Ewi pwesae don't caw me a witto, cuz, I'n big now."

I love the way Tim communicates: "Nonni, uffs sdjsye ggnmmm Oddie."
"You want to play with Eddie?"

Today we went to the Fall Festival in Amery. The rain held off all through the parade, right up until we bought our ride tickets. The train was a little damp, the beep beep cars, were wet and by the time we got to the "bouncy house" we were soaked through. Did they care? Not one bit.


Kelli said...

Ah, to be witto again and not mind the rain running off your hair and into your shirt collar.

Katie R. said...

I am so happy the witto and bid Stweams have you.

Carla said...

THANK YOU! You are the bestest. I hope you are enjoying the quiet. Shhhhhhhh...

hannahding said...

i miss fall festible