Sunday, August 31, 2008

Winter Coat

Things I said to myself as I painted the bathroom:
"Ah, that'll wipe right up."
It's only a six foot ladder, it's only a six foot ladder."
"Does it need another coat? Yeah, it needs another coat."
"Paint fumes? What paint fum.."

Things I learned while painting the bathroom:
Being, well, large is not conducive to getting in and painting the inside of the skylight.
Leave the door open.
If it looks like the texture is coming off in the skylight, it is.
Never place a full roller on loose texture.
Praying is better than music when working.


LauraLynn said...

Way to be ambitious!

erin said...

No pictures??

Cute title. :)

LauraLynn said...

Erin! Go to bed!