Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tech Support Visit

Today I have a lady coming to my house to help me with the enigma that is the bowling software. I realized that I never really notice how messy the office is.
I noticed this morning. Ohmygoodness.


Swampy-Rah said...

I don't have bowling software! Waaah!
Is it a game or something to track real bowling?

Kelli said...

I had the Centerpoint gas guy here this morning trying to fix the meter. He had to go into the laundry room to relight the hot water heater pilot light...gads...laundry explosion all.over.the.floor.

Poor guy. Accosted by underwear and socks.

erin said...

I always try to console myself that they MUST have seen worse.

kristi noser said...

Calm Swampy, calm. It's for our bowling league.

Swampy-Rah said...

AH, Bowling league...
okay...but Kelli..you heat your hot water? They have an appliance for this?