Thursday, July 31, 2008

A First

I never thought I'd get this one done. Ths piece was given to me--in pieces no less--by a guy at church. He told me it is from the 1800s, and he wanted to know if I would take a shot at rebuilding it.
It took me two months to get up the nerve to take it apart, two hours and a huge soldering iron burn later that task was complete.
Run to the glass store to get some "H" lead, read once again the article online about how to do leaded glass, work up the nerve to get started putting it back together.
Now normally, I would have tackled this one with more confidence. But my mind "what iffed" me to paralysis. What if I can't get it apart? What if I break a piece of the HUNDRED YEAR OLD GLASS? What if I can't get it to fit back together?
See? Just thinking about it gives me the shakes. But, since he was aware that it would be my first attempt at leaded glass restoration, and I would do it for free, I thought "Well, whaddya got to lose?"
Here it is in all its finished-ness, a few of the glass pieces were kinda cut crooked, so some of the pieces don't fit just right, but unless you look reeeeally closely, you don't see it. Don't know if I'll do that again for a while tho. That one was a toughie.


Swampy-Rah said...

was the 'huge soldering iron burn' worse than 'Nair-lip' or about the same?

BTW, You must be such a proud Mama; I've been reading Hanna's and Brandy's blogs and you did a great job, you and John.

erin said...

Good work!

kristi noser said...

Thanks Swampy and Erin, and fyi, the burns lasted about the same length of time.

Brandy Dopkins said...

way to get that experience under skillz your belt!

Kris H said...

Great job, Kristi! It's beautiful!

LauraLynn said...

Oh' Kristi it is SO BEAUTIFUL! You did it! It brings tears to my eyes-Makes you wonder about it's history....

Do you have some of that Silvadene Burn Cream? It works quick- I can give you a scoop out of our jug if you want some:)

Keithslady said...

Wow! Very nice.