Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ranty Ranterton

I was so sure poop would win...

Alex had a good idea of ranting about lies becoming true in people's minds by simply being repeated enough times.
But, Y'know what I think? I think that the thing that drives me insane is something closely related to that, although much more dangerous.

Things that are wrong becoming "right" (or "tolerated").
In this country children are regularly desensitized with so much violence and they think killing people is no big deal, or that they want to kill someone "just to see how it feels". Women throw their babies into lakes and rivers, or have them ripped from their own womb because they don't want to fess up to what they have done.
People who get killed or beat to a pulp for their beliefs or lifestyle. So wrong, although a lot of people in this country (more every day) and other countries think that they are right and others who are "wrong" should die. Sick.

Things that are right are becoming "wrong".
The fact that people who are Christ followers are being persecuted at an alarming rate in this country. Our mouths are being shushed, our children bullied, our church buildings burned. What happened to freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Ok if you're a Muslim, in fact encouraged, but not if you believe Christ died to pay for sin. No! You keep your prayers and Bibles in your house--don't you bring them out in public, or you risk harassment or worse.

A mini-rant compared to some, but a lot to think about, yes?


Reegz said...

Excellent Kristi. Now you got me so fired up I want to kill someone just to see how it feels! No really though, we gotta be nearing the end-Praise God!

Carla said...

We no longer value life at any stage. From conception to grave, others want to help us make that "choice" and have a "right to die." No remorse, no conscience. Anyone "different" is deemed disposable. Come quickly, Jesus!

The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between. Mother Theresa

Carla said...

oh one more thing. We as Christ followers do have rights and there are laws that protect our freedom to express our faith. We are winning more court cases everyday.

Kim N. said...

I don't know if this comment fits your topic ,but I think it kinda does. The idea of sex and sexual comments on TV. We don't watch a lot of tv over here, but if I turn it on all I see is sex. Since when is the only topic that makes people laugh is sex? Every sitcom is just crazy with it. I can't let Mikkena watch Dancing with the star anymore, because its not really dance. Just because one sitcom does it doesn't make it okay!!! Not to mention the language and disrespect of parents.

Bonefish Al said...

Ah yes...conventional wisdom.

We could all just as easily find other wisdom that says the it's the religious right is intolerant of other beliefs and lifestyles. Says it supports life, while looking the other way in supporting wars.

You nailed the topic...Although a safer path would have been something like..."Not supporting the President is unpatriotic". on to happier things...I'LL SEE YOU IN JUNE!!!!

Bonefish Al said...

Here's a few off the top of my head:

1. Bottled water is safer and better for you than Tap Water (great marketing...)

2. Gas is too expensive (after drilling, piping, refining, shipping, mixing, trucking, and pumping...still costs less than the bottled

3. Kids need to drink milk (I think I saw a Kristi rant on that one already).

4. Reducing emissions is bad for the one today isn't it?

5. Diamonds are forever...

6. Finally...I'm Handsome (but that one's true) :)


Oh...and thanks for turning me off the Meth on your other post...YEASH!. And I was THIS close to starting.