Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Now Pronounce You

Some of the words I hear on occasion need some tweaking, in my opinion. Here are some examples:

Gums (as in teeth) are not "gooms". You don't say "I'm having some goom," do you?

Skun is not the past tense of skin. You do not "skun" out a deer, unless you precede the word with "I dun". Skinned.

Insurance--put the emphasis on the right syllable-- in SUR ance, not IN surance. Get it?

Guarantee. I don't care how the people in the south say it, it's "gare-en-tee" not "gahr-un-tee".

Now I feel better.


Kelli said...

We can't forget the ever-popular
"tray-zhur" and "play-zhur".

Oh, and I just thought of another one. It's "Or-i-gun", not "gone", as in he's "gone" completely off his nut.

Bonefish Al said... a small soda, er...sorry, I mean like a small POP.

hannah the trail forger said...

eye-talians live in eye-taly

italians live in italy.

cmk said...

And, for every Finn alive, the word that we hate mispronounced more than any other is 'sauna.' It is NOT 'saw-na', but 'sow-na'. (That is 'sow'--or 'sou'--like a pig, NOT 'sow' like you do with seeds!)