Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sweet Revenge

Had a tailgater today. I got tired of him being so close that I couldn't see his lights in my rear-view mirror, pulled to the side of Coulee Road and let him go by. We both got to the stoplight at about the same time, I pulled into the right turn lane just as the light turned yellow. Since there was a car in front of him, he had to stop, and I took a right at the red light.


Anonymous said...

I have a rule about tailgating that works good for me. The closer they get to my backend the slower I drive. It doesn't take long for them to get the hint and back off or pass.

-= Wiz =-

Billiam said...

Wiz is a Sissie! You handled it right, Kristi! Other truck drivers like to mess with trucks from the company I drive for. They usually wind up screwing themselves. Good for a laugh, though...