Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I ordered DSL today--no more waiting for a half-hour to have the video clips load. Whee Hoo! I called Brandy and gave her the birth announcement--that I was due on October 13th with a baby DSL.
When I hung up the phone, Eli called me from the other room and said, "Mom? What was that all about?"
I told him I ordered high-speed internet service.
"No, I heard you talking on the phone and I heard the words 'due' and 'baby'."
I guess I scared him a little.


Kelli said...

Congratulations! Should we have a shower? Are you registered at Radio Shack? Best Buy?

erin said...

Too funny! One of my greatest fears through high school was that every time my parents said, "We need to talk," they were going to tell us they were having another baby. I guess Eli's officially a teenager.

Bonefish Al said...


Kandi said...

YEA! Now I can send stuff to your house instead of your work address! (Oops - did I write that out loud?) Congratulations on your new addition.
Now, go buy some burn ointment and bandages - 'cause high speed is BLISTERINGLY fast. :D