Friday, September 08, 2006


Yep, got the "new" washer, John fixed it, checked out all the thingies (cars I know, not washers) and voila'! Ran perfectly for him. Sweet. I was soo excited, we struggled the thing in to the house--what a beauty! It holds twice the clothes my old washer held. Cranked 'er over, watched the thing of beauty fill, then NOTHING! Nope, no agitation, no draining, no spinning, NOTHING.
So it sits there with a full load of clothes and water, and my shirt that I am going to be wearing to pictures at FOUR O'CLOCK TODAY.
In Noserland, rarely does something go right on the first try.
I'm really trying not to laugh at the irony of it all. Sometimes you have a choice to laugh or cry. I try to pick laugh more often.
Hey I just heard Poppers say "Ah, there it is."
And it is working.
God is good.


NoOtherName said...

That man is amazing!

PS said...

Now I have a story to link up with your directory picture whenever I lookat it. Thanks.

Carla said...

Reminds me of an "almond gem" story! Why didn't we do some wash when you were here??

kristi noser said...

Yes the Poppers is an amazing fixer.
Karli, I forgot it! I was going to bring some. Realized about halfway to town that it was sitting in the basement.

Kate said...

You could have used a rock...beat that shirt to a pulp, but it would have been clean. LOL Sorry... just one of those random thoughts I'm cursed with at times. :)