Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Enough Bad Already!

I was looking at my recent posts, and I see a trend....not a good trend when your last two blogs start with the word "bad" hmmm.
But "they" say bad things come in threes, so I will tell you that I experienced one (well, two actually, but who's counting?) more bad, and now all is good.
Brandy has posted lately about the flu (I thought it might be food poisoning until I started experiencing symptoms in my own bod) and is it ever a nasty suckah. I made it to work on Monday, stayed for an hour, and told Roo I was not going to make it. I slept most of the day, and upon moving--really had to move, if you get me.
I was kind of concerned about the duration of this bug, seeing as Brandy had it for a full three days, and I had a marathon insurance c.e. class day scheduled on Tuesday.
Tuesday brought a better-feeling tummy--not great, but better-- and off I went to New Richmond.
The prospect of 12 hours of insurance classes all in one day probably does not rev many peoples' engines, and certaily not mine, but we do what we need to do, yes? The first two classes were taught by a lady that had never taught before. Are you sitting down? She read from papers for three of the four hours. Yeah. Ohmystars. We did have some discussion/storytelling time, but for the most part, she was reading.
At the end of the classes we fill out input/critique forms, letting the school and instructor know if they can improve in any way or if they did well.
I put on my form that she read too much from the manual. After the majority of the people had left the class, only I and another man were still there, she was complaining that someone had given her a bad "review". And proceded to tell us in a snotty voice what it had said.
What is it about people these days? If you want me to tell you the truth, I'm gonna tell you the truth. Don't hand the forms out if you don't want people to tell you how you did.
On the good side, I had the last class of the day with an experienced instructor, four people in the class, and it was a blast.
On the gooder side, I am done with c.e. for another two years.
On the goodest side, I feel much better today.


Carla said...

Bad first time instructor lady! Bad,very bad,

idnak said...

It wasn't the flu - it was the ice cream you and Kelli ate on Saturday.

Kelli said...

Oh, was the flu, baby. We all got it, and Jeffrey's down with it tonight.

Maria said...

Sitting for hours listening to a poor insurance instructor. Was it worse than the flu?

kristi noser said...

Maria, I have to say I would rather be in class than have the flu, but I would rather sleep than be in ins. I guess there's both bad and good about both!

Brandy Dopkins said...

helloo, 5 days. FIVE days.

I'm glad you are better. Sorry I didn't come take care of you like you took care of me.

kelli said...

Brandy, you are the flu queen. The crown goes to you.